Registering Your Business Name and License in Ontario Canada

In this article I want to cover a sub topic of the Ontario business registration process in detail, registering for your business name as well as registering for your business license.If you want to incorporate in Ontario to conduct business, you must first register a business name and obtain what’s called the Master Business License.You can do this in one of three ways, either by person by visiting a Service Center, by mail or online through a third party service provider.You can also hire an attorney to execute the Ontario business registration process for you, but this is a longer process on average and more expensive.The entity you want to register with is the Ministry of Government Services’ Companies and Personal Property Security Branch. This is the entity that issues the Master Business License that shows your registration number as a proof that you can legally do business in Ontario.As already covered on this website in other sections, the first step in the Ontario business registration process is to select a name for your business that is in accordance with the Business Names Act and the Business Regulations Reform Act of 1997. Basically, for a sole proprietorship, you can use your own name, but any slight variation or addition will require filing a separate legal entity name for your business. There is more information on what you can and cannot do on the Canada Ontario Business Services Center website or in a local office / branch.If you want to take the most streamlined approach to an Ontario business registration, I highly recommend you register online through the Service Ontario site so that you can register your business’ name and at the same time register with other authorities to obtain relevant account numbers such as the Ontario Ministry of Revenue, tax account numbers, permits, etc.Using online services can mean a relatively quick turnaround as well in terms of getting your Master Business License. You can get this in electronic PDF format. If not, you get a hard copy through mail. But before doing anything else, you need to do a name search to see if your contemplated business name is already registered.TIP: For a more comprehensive search select the “Enhanced Business Name Search” option. It costs a little more but it is worth it as it does a comprehensive check. You can do this under $12 typically online with a credit card.Again, you can register for your Ontario business license online as well, which is a legal requirement in order to do business in Ontario. Remember, if you are not comfortable transacting online or don’t want to do it in person, you can do so via mail by downloading the required forms online (Service Ontario website) and then mailing it to them at the address stated on the forms.All Ontario business registration forms are owned and managed by the Companies and Personal Property and Security Branch in Toronto. If all else fails, visit the nearest Service Ontario branch where you can use a self-help workstation and completing the forms there. You can contact Service Ontario at 1-800-565-1921.Registering the business name is the first step. Once you have that out of the way, you can proceed to incorporating your business and then obtaining the other relevant licenses and certifications needed that are specific to the nature of your business.Read more about why incorporate in Ontario Canada. Read more about the Ontario business registration process step by step here. I hope you found this brief run down on registering a business name in Ontario. Please let me know if I can be of further help to you.All the best to you,Benjamin Lashar

Managed IT Service by Professional

Managed IT Services enable an enterprise or a company to concentrate on their basic and core competencies. It is possible by lowering the total cost of Managing IT infrastructure with the help of increased productivity as well as operational efficiency.The combination is really powerful as it provides the business owners with the latest IT Infrastructure. At the same time, it makes the resources available for other systematic and well planned endeavors of an organization. Managed IT service basically means outsourcing the IT responsibilities of your company to a third-party provider. These services give you an effective combination of skilled professionals, efficient procedures and tools, thus making it possible that your IT server is always working.The Managed IT service providers are meant to provide data backup and security to an existing IT infrastructure. It involves troubleshooting, data backup, networking, system management and structure cabling services for your business. Your company becomes commercially viable and steady thus you can focus on the aspects of raising your profits. There are several benefits that justify the decision of hiring the Manage IT services provider for the business improvement. They are discussed here for your convenience.Fixed IT budgets attract the business owners to avail the services of the managed IT providers. There is no need to spend extra per job for IT work of your business. Instead, the service providers typically can focus on paying on the recurring grounds (contracts). It also curtail the need for devoted staff for addressing your company’s technical problems such as server issues or any similar to this. The managed IT services specialist continuously monitor your server and other technical applications 24×7. In addition, they also review the updates that are required in the existing software’s connected with your business. Moreover, the managed IT professionals assist you in exploring and increasing the sales opportunities. Earlier you were not able to focus on expanding your business services due to lack of good IT infrastructure but with the help of managed it service provider you expand it now. When you have the managed IT services with you, the data security measures are enhanced to a better level. Now, it is very easy to avoid the hackers and any unauthorized people to get hold of your server or data. You do not need to bother about anything related to IT security. IT service providers provide you the high quality technical services and skilled resources are available at affordable cost.The popularity of using these type of IT services through providers is increasing day by day because every business owner wants to get the maximum business stability and profits at the minimal cost by focusing on basic of core business instead of IT infrastructure.

Using a Travel Agency Or Purchasing a Ticket From the Airline

When you want to go on a vacation that requires a flight, you have two main options for purchasing that ticket. You can purchase the ticket from the airline directly or from a travel agency. For decades, purchasing a ticket from the airline was the best option for many, unless they planned an entire vacation package with a travel agency. Even if you do not intend to do any other vacation planning with an agent, you can still sometimes get a flight through them. But what is the difference, really, and is one option better than the other?To answer that question, you must first define what services a travel agency offers. Today, the Internet is a premier way for ordering tickets for many people. Websites sell thousands of tickets every day. Are these travel agencies? Some say yes, because they serve as a third party helping you to plan your vacation while others say no because these websites do not actually have vacation packages similar to those offered by your local travel agency. For now, let’s assume that these are not travel agencies and look at a comparison just between airlines themselves and travel agencies that plan vacation packages for travelers.When you buy directly from an airline, the price of the ticket will depend most on your date and time of travel. Usually, you can get a cheaper price if you travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. You can also save money, for the most part, if you are willing to travel during times that other people usually do not want to travel, like very late at night. With an airline there is no middleman, so you do not pay any kind of commission fee along the way.That’s not true when it comes to travel agencies. When you book a flight through an agent, you are paying them a commission for their time. This does not necessarily mean that you will pay a more expensive price overall though. Travel agents usually buy tickets in bulk. That does not mean that they purchase all of the seats on a single flight necessarily, though that can be the case in some situations. What it usually means is that the travel agent commits to selling a certain number of flights or a certain dollar amount from that airline every month or every year. In exchange for their business, the airline sells them seats at a lower price. So, even when you add a commission on top of that price, in many cases, you are still paying less than you would pay to buy directly from an airline.When you buy a flight from the travel agent, you may also be getting a deal because you are paying more in a different area. For example, maybe your travel agent puts together a vacation package that costs you an even $1000. When you see an itemized list, you might be charged $300 for the flight, $400 for the hotel room, and the rest of the money is for activities you have planned as well as the commission. Had you planned the trip on your own, both the flight and the hotel room would have been $400. So, you are not saving any more on the hotel, but you’re saving a whopping $100 on the flight. The travel agent might have used her connections to save just $50 on the flight, but he or she was able to give you a bigger savings because they charged you full price for the hotel room, even though that room was secured for half price. This is a misplaced savings, but a savings for you nonetheless, and your travel agent also made money on the deal. Do not automatically assume, however, that if you just book a flight next time, you will get the same low price. When you are dealing with a vacation package, the savings you see are not always specifically associated with the flight ticket price.Sound confusing? Just think of it this way: with an airline, you buy a ticket with no price changes, and with a travel agent, you buy a ticket with multiple fees and discounts attached. Who has the better bottom line? It varies from situation to situation.You can then factor in “travel agencies” that are websites selling discounted tickets. They do the same thing as typical travel agencies in that they have a lower price, but some may charge a commission. With sites such as these, that lower price comes from their ability to sell seats at the last minute, though, so the real advantage here is usually to last-minute travelers. Basically, no matter where you buy your ticket, make sure to do a lot of price comparison shopping.